He studied in the School of Design in Basel where he got his M.A.

In 1992, Mr. Pinkbrush started drawing comic figures and graffiti in the streets.

In 2004, he started to paint on canvas interested by the facility to preserve his artworks forever, considering that there's always the possibility that Graffiti on the streets disappears over time.

He studied as a second career Design for Visual Communication.

The affinity for fashion and his great ability to express his fantasies in artworks shaped his work.

In 2006, he found the central themes for his works: monkeys in suits, celebrity portraits, magazines, pictures of paparazzi, Disney figures.

In his artwork, he combines influences from his experience with art, graffiti, comics, graphic design, advertising, photography, and fashion. His talent for comic sketches, realistic drawing, and painting, illustration and photography are recognizable in his artworks.

Mr. Pinkbrush mixes collages, graphic design, pictorial and photographic elements so that they blend into each other harmoniously to become one. Impressive expressive, the viewer is touched on an emotional level, the artist achieves to gifted with life-breath and soul all of his pieces.

" Art is the honest way" Mr. Pinkbrush