French B is the Fine Art Collaborative of the Baez Brothers, Carlos Báez and Ed Báez, with the intention of making people feel good and elevate the human spirit.

Known for the cool, prestigious, and positive vibes of their original French B Character, French B invites their viewers to put aside any tension present in the mundane of everyday life, and to reconnect with a sense of curiosity and joy.

French B incorporates healing, conceptual, and visual arts with a whimsical flair. The art pieces are aesthetically pleasing, embracing design concepts with sophisticated simplicity.

Carlos Báez is the Artist behind French B. His calling to inspire people through Art, together with his Art and Design background, gives life to French B.

Ed Báez is the Producer behind French B. His desire to influence the world in a positive way, together with his ability to craft concepts, provides the driving force to bring the French B Concept to more people. 

French B runs as a creative production, where today‘s medium includes digital technology as an essential part of the creative journey.


French B, A Reflection of You.

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