Born in Canada, living and working in Montreal, Boudro is, however, a true New Yorker at heart. Energetic, vibrant and full of primary colors his works reflect the agitated lifestyle and feverish atmosphere that is found in the Big Apple: an urban ballet under the crushing weight of advertising. Boudro is a pop artist through and through, counting among his influences Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein His style artfully marries his pop roots to the surrealist through the use of unexpected juxtapositions and dreamlike composition. Art critics and collectors find the fantasy and humor complementary to the exuberant and vitalized graphic of brilliant colors of works.

Today, Boudro spreads his passion through more complex dense and detailed works which symbolize the movement, the wild rhythm of the city life, the stress, the crowd.

The disproportion of the elements and perspectives found in his Stamps, Puzzles and Comic Stripes provokes in the observer's mind the impression of being totally involved in the dynamism and vitally of the city Boudro so much loves.